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If you've ever had to remove the rust from a cast iron skillet or dutch oven so you can re-season it before cooking can completely understand the effort that can go into cooking with traditional cast iron cookware. While the benefits you will receive from your hard work are well worth it, there is an easier and more convenient solution.

Chili in a porcelain cast iron dutch oven

While it has been around since the late 1700's, porcelain cast iron cookware is beginning to see a resurgence in its popularity. This is mostly due to the fact that porcelain cast iron cookware offers all of the benefits of traditional cast iron plus many more. Some of the many great benefits you will receive from cooking with porcelain cast iron cookware include:

  • Long lasting Porcelain coated cast iron cookware will last for many lifetime if properly cared for. This is why many people may still own a porcelain cast iron dutch oven that was used by your great grandmother.
  • No seasoning – Because of the enameled coating over porcelain cast iron cookware, there is no seasoning process to undergo before the cookware is ready for use.
  • No Rust – The enameled coating of porcelain cast iron skillets, dutch ovens and other cookware also keeps the porcelain cast iron from rusting, meaning you can soak it to help remove stuck on food.
  • Non-stickPorcelain coated cast iron cookware offers the same non-stick qualities as traditional cast iron cookware without having to season it first.
  • Warp resistant – All cast iron cookware is heavy-duty and is able to withstand very high heat while cooking. Porcelain cast iron cookware is no different an will not warp or crack if placed in an extremely hot environment, unlike aluminum or stainless steel cookware.
  • Relatively inexpensive – Although porcelain cast iron cookware is slightly more expensive than traditional cast iron, it is still much cheaper than comparable stainless steel cookware or aluminum cookware.
  • Excellent heat retention Porcelain cast iron cookware offers excellent heat retention while cooking, allowing your porcelain cast iron dutch oven or casserole dish to reach the ideal cooking temperature at lower oven temperatures and then retain the heat after cooking to keep your food warm much longer.
  • Health benefits Porcelain cast iron cookware still allows for the iron to leach onto your food as it cooks, which is especially beneficial to those suffering from anemia.
  • Easy to clean – Unlike traditional cast iron skillets and camp pots, porcelain cast iron cookware is easy to clean and allows you to use harsher detergents and even steel wool. In fact, most porcelain cast iron cookware is also dishwasher safe.
  • Colorful Porcelain cast iron cookware comes in a wide array of colors, from lemon yellow to cobalt blue. The attractive colors offered from porcelain cast iron cookware make it easy to transfer your food from the stove top to the table top and can even be coordinated with your current kitchen décor.

As you can see, porcelain cast iron cookware is not only beneficial to your cooking, but also to your budget and even your health. Whether you are looking for a porcelain cast iron skillet to prepare mouth-watering fried chicken or a porcelain cast iron dutch oven for cooking your favorite beef stew, you can find all types of porcelain cast iron cookware at reasonable prices at your local store or through specialty websites, such as Iron Pots Depot or The Grill Store & More.