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Comparing the Sunpentown SO-2002 Turbo Oven, NuWave Oven Pro, and FlavorWave Oven Turbo

There is a new wave of healthier cooking out there using turbo ovens like the FlavorWave®, NuWave® and Sunpentown SO-2002. These countertop ovens provide faster, healthier cooking alternatives to conventional ovens using a three-fold "turbo" cooking method. Combining conduction, convection and far infrared (FIR) heating these units cook foods fast and leave them tender, juicy and free of excess fat. Compare the features and value of the Sunpentown SO-2002 and ride the new wave of turbo cooking.

Sunpentown SO-2002 Turbo Oven

Sunpentown SO-2002 Digital Convection Turbo Oven

Uses the latest in turbo oven technology: Nano-Carbon Fiber

Also features a great low price, self-cleaning, a glass container, and dual fans.

The future of fast, healthy, economical cooking is here.

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Oven® Turbo
Oven Pro
Container Glass Glass Plastic
Diameter 12 in. 12 in. 12 in.
Depth 6.5 in. 6.6 in. 6.5 in.
Capacity 12 Qt. 12 Qt. 12 Qt.
Weight 17 lbs. 21 lbs. 9 lbs.
Heating FIR
Nano-Carbon Fiber
Halogen Light
Sheath Heater
Temp. Range 158°F - 482°F 150°F - 500°F 125°F - 350°F
Power 1200W 1300W 1500W
Fans 2 (Two) 2 (Two) 1 (One)
Controls Digital / LED Digital / LED Digital / LED
Racks 2 (two) 2 (Two) 1 (one)
Timer 60 min. 60 min. 60 min.
Self Clean Yes Yes No
Cost $81.82
Shop Here
3 Payments of $39.95
- from Thane
3 Payments of $39.99
- from NuWave

How Turbo Ovens Work

There are three main ways to heat food items.

  • Conduction - the heat is transferred directly from one surface to another. As a pan gets hot the heat from the pan is transferred directly to the food sitting on it. This creates very uneven cooking as the part of the food in contact with the surface is exposed to the heat for a longer period.
  • Convection - the heat is circulated through currents that deliver warmer temperatures towards cooler areas and bring cooler temperatures towards the heat source. heating is more uniform than through conduction.
  • Radiation - heat is delivered by a source of radiation energy, much like the heat we feel from the sun. The radiation causes the molecules to vibrate and these vibrations produce heat.

Turbo ovens use elements that produce Far Infrared (FIR) as radiant energy and incorporate fans that circulate the air in convection currents to foster the best of all three heating methods, creating the ultimate cooking environment. The radiant energy of infrared does not penetrate as deeply as microwaves and promotes moist, succulent results. The convection currents help circulate the heat and the conductive process. The combination of effects allow foods to cook more evenly and retain their natural moisture. In addition, the food is elevated on a cooking rack, keeping it away from fats and drippings.

The NuWave® Oven was one of the first portable, countertop ovens to utilize this method employing a sheath heater to produce the radiant energy. As new technologies developed, other ovens came onto the market including the FlavorWave® Oven which uses Halogen infrared heating to help cook food. The Sunpentown SO-2002 Digital Turbo Convection Oven offers all the features of these popular contenders at a great value. Using the latest in radiant heating technology, nano-carbon fiber, the Sunpentown SO-2002 delivers fast, healthy, economical cooking of all your favorite foods. Learn more about the Sunpentown SO-2002 Digital Turbo Convection Oven and see how it stacks up to your cooking needs.