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Made in the USA

  • Alfresco


    Alfresco is one of the original pioneers of the open air culinary system concept. Alfresco builds products that would please even the most demanding chefs.

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  • American Fyre Designs

    American Fyre Designs

    American Fyre Designs exterior fire features enrich your outdoor living space and turn your patio into an outdoor sanctuary. Each product is hand crafted in the USA.

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  • American Muscle Grill

    American Muscle Grill

    AMG combines 100,000 BTUs of raw cooking power, the choice of fuels and remarkable design for unrivaled performance and style.

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  • American Outdoor Grill

    American Outdoor Grill

    Experience backyard perfection with American Outdoor Grill. AOG strives to build affordable, quality grills and a full line outdoor products.

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    Save up to 35% on our own brand of outdoor kitchen components. From doors and drawers, to sinks and trash bins, all of our outdoor kitchen components perfectly match with all stainless steel gas grills.

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  • Caliber


    Caliber is proudly made in the USA, offering a range of luxurious stainless steel grills, kamados and outdoor kitchen equipment.

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  • Chicago Brick Oven

    Chicago Brick Oven

    Chicago Brick Oven makes it easy to cook wood-fired brick oven pizza, steaks, chicken and more in the comfort of your backyard.

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  • Cookshack


    Cookshack is a family owned business that has been manufacturing smokers for over 50 years.

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  • Fire Magic

    Fire Magic

    Fire Magic combines performance, luxury, and beauty into their grills and outdoor kitchens. Rest assured, you'll savor every moment with Fire Magic.

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  • Golden Blount

    Golden Blount

    Golden Blount gas logs builds award-winning gas logs. Based on molds from real wood, you'll be amazed at the life-like detail.

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  • Lodge Cookware


    Lodge has been America's original cookware since 1896. They make heirlooms that bring people together for generations.

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  • Lynx Professional

    Lynx Professional

    Lynx is an innovative company that builds luxurious outdoor kitchen products. Lynx sets the standard for design, innovation, and engineering excellence.

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  • Memphis


    Memphis Wood Fire Pellet Grills deliver the premiere intelligent cooking experience, giving you the freedom to try something new, while allowing you to attend your guest, not your food.

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  • MHP


    Modern Home Products, introduced the first outdoor gas grill in 1960 and are known for their reliable and traditional style of gas grill that grillers love.

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  • Ohio Flame

    Ohio Flame

    Ohio Flame builds hand crafted steel fire pits sourced from local mills and designs them for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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  • Peterson Real-Fyre

    Peterson Real-Fyre

    Peterson Real-Fyre manufactures premium quality gas logs that create a natural wood-like fire with maximum ease, efficiency and economy.

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  • Primo


    Primo grills are the only fully ceramic grills made in the USA. Primo's patented oval design allows for greater cooking versatility.

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  • ProFire


    ProFire is proudly made in the USA and shines as Modern Home Products' deluxe brand of stainless steel grills and outdoor kitchen equipment.

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  • Rasmussen


    Combining cutting-edge technology & designs, Rasmussen is a leader in the fireplace industry.

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  • Solaire Grills


    Take your outdoor kitchen to the next level! Grilling on a Solaire's infrared grill means quick preheat, fast cooking, and restaurant quality food that retains its moisture.

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  • TEC Infrared Grills


    TEC's patented technology cooks with 100% infrared energy, evenly distributes heat across and infuses food with an authentic charbroil flavor.

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  • Telescope Casual Patio Furniture

    Telescope Casual

    Family-owned Telescope Casual has been in business since 1903 and focuses on comfort, style, and quality.

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  • Vitamx


    Vitamix improves the vitality of people's lives by creating innovative blenders that help families eat healthier foods.

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