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Spring Favorites: Staff Picks for Spring 2015

Anna's Spring Picks: Staff Picks for Spring 2015

Anna's Study Buddies

"In addition to my job here, I am also a full-time MBA student, meaning I have to study… a lot. When spring comes around, you’ll often find me outside reading a textbook on my patio. The warm sunshine and an occasional breeze easily banish the doldrums brought on by long day of studying."

Tirroa's Spring Picks: Staff Picks for Spring 2015

Tirroa's Wing Men

"When I step up to my grill on a warm spring afternoon, you can bet everything I cook is going to have taste. I'm sort of known around these parts for my wings. I love discovering the unique tastes and flavors that you get with different sauces and rubs."

Erin's Spring Picks: Staff Picks for Spring 2015

Erin's Entertaining Essentials

"Louisiana is the best place in the world to be for spring. Mardi Gras, seafood and great weather to enjoy everything outdoors. Parties are abound to spend time with friends and family, college baseball is kicking off, and Sunday afternoons when I step up to the grill, you can be sure that I'm throwing on a load of extra spicy gator sausage. Let the good times roll!"

Paige's Spring Picks: Staff Picks for Spring 2015

Paige's Game Day Gear

"Spring for me is waking up super early and making some biscuits for the team and heading out to the ball park. Spending all day playing softball and hanging out with friends. Getting back after a long day at the park with everyone together boiling crawfish, listening to music and having some cold drinks to finish the day."

David's Spring Picks: Staff Picks for Spring 2015

David's Springtime Selections

"As the father of four boys, I spend the majority of my free time in the Spring playing outside with the kids. And when I'm not playing, I'm either cooking or trying to relax. I love gadgets that make my grilling easier and allow me spend more time with my boys without having to run back and check on the food every 5 minutes."