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Fire Pit Party

Turn up the Heat: Backyard Fire Pit Party

Entertain With A Fire Pit Party

Turn up the Heat – There's nothing like gathering around the glow of a fire pit to make a summer or fall evening into an exciting night with family and friends.

Don’t Have A Pit

wood burning fire pit

The most appealing part of a fire pit party is that it doesn’t require much effort to plan and there is no need to cook food for days in advance. What your bash will need is the perfect wood fire pit to be the center of attention. Still need to purchase your fire pit? There are several options to choose from, choose from our large selection of wood burning fire pits. Also, don’t overlook the necessary fire pit tools you'll need to maintain the fire and a cover to protect your investment.

The Best Wood Fire Pits For A Party:

Seating Galore

Fire Pit Seating

A glowing fire is an instant invitation to gather, so make sure you've thought about what you're going to put around it. Incorporate comfy seating (and lots of it!) so guests feel free to move around and mingle. You can opt for some low-set Adirondack chairs or generously sized patio club chairs for extra comfort. For a more casual atmosphere, try outdoor bench seating or hay bales with some fabric thrown over them.

Favorite Fire Pit Seating:

A Time And Place

Patio heaters on a patio

When you're picking a date and time for the party, consider that the heat from the fire pit will increase the temperature of your entertaining area slightly. Make sure you plan the event on a cooler day or have guests arrive after sunset. If you’re hosting your party in the winter, it's a good idea to have some patio heaters as additional heat sources to help keep the area toasty. Similarly, if your party will be held during the warmer months, there are several options for outdoor cooling to keep your guest comfortable.

Top Outdoor Comfort Products:

Lighting The Way

Path Lighting

It's important to think about your outdoor lighting since most fire pit gatherings take place in the evening. If your fire pit is located in a secluded area, adding a secondary light source like a few path lights or well lights will both improve the ambiance of your space and make it easier for guest to navigate the dark landscape, so you won't have to worry about any one tripping and falling.

Top Picks For Lighting:

Serve Up Refreshments

fire pit party S'more bar

Pair graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate with a fire pit and you have a party everyone will love. As an alternative, go the savory route and offer things like wheat crackers, fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes instead. Both of these options work well any time of year, just make sure you provide lots of skewers for roasting. Here are some other ideas for fun fire-roasted treats: let guests cook hot dogs and select their toppings, or try some Fire Pit Fondue using a cast iron pot directly over the fire to melt chocolate or cheese. Then offer a line-up of fruits and meats on BBQ skewers for the dipping.

Plan For The Season

If you're hosting a party in the cooler months, serve up warmer menu options. Coffee, hot chocolate or hot apple cider to drink along with a variety of soups make the perfect combination when things cool down. Need some menu inspiration? Check out Chef Tony's adult friendly Homemade Baileys Hot Chocolate Recipe or his perfectly seasoned Smoked Chili Con Carne Recipe to get you started.

In the warmer months, think cool. Ice cold beverages and bite-sized snacks are light and refreshing. Try root beer or stout beer floats for a frozen indulgence that’s easy to make. If you really want to show off, homemade ice cream is always a crowd-pleaser or for a healthier option, pick up some seasonal fruit for freshly blended smoothies. Then keep everything within arm’s reach with a beverage cooler or outdoor refrigerator.

Fire Pit Party Favorites

Fire Pit Party Tips

  • Set up an extra table and cover it with plastic tablecloths to provide guests a place to assemble their sticky creations and to help simplify clean up.
  • Have an empty or water filled bucket handy to hold hot skewers and forks between roasting.
  • Provide wet wipes so guests can clean their sticky hands without needing water.
  • Make sure to use a seasoned firewood (wood that has been left to dry for an extended period of time)
  • Hardwoods are very dense and have the potential to produce the most heat, so they tend to make the best firewood. (Ash, red oak, white oak, beech, birch, hickory, pecan all smell great and produce little smoke.)
  • Softwoods are good if you are looking for a fast burning fire that produces less heat.(Southern yellow pine, spruce or fir are all easy to burn.)

Fire Pit Safety Tips

  • Your fire pit should be at least 10 feet away from any structure.
  • Don’t put a fire pit under trees or your roofline.
  • Avoid starting a fire in windy conditions that can easily blow embers.
  • Clean up leaves and other flammables around the pit.
  • Have a garden hose or fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Don’t try to start a fire with gasoline or lighter fluid.
  • Never leave a fire unattended.
  • Stay three feet away from the heat.
  • To extinguish a fire, spread out the ashes, let the coals cool and gently pour water over them. Make sure they’re extinguished before going inside.