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Our History originally opened as The Grill Store & More, an actual brick and mortar store, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1998. Owners Michael and Ladina Hackley started the business from the ground up, working seven days a week for the first year of its existence. In two short years, the business had expanded to two stores in Baton Rouge and a franchise location in New Orleans. In 2000, our first website was officially launched, and was born.

Before much time had passed, we became one of the world's leading websites for outdoor cooking products. As a result, we decided to reduce our store locations and focus on a more satisfactory (and recognizable) online experience. And since our product offering began to expand far beyond grills, we focused on becoming a true online superstore. This led to the creation of our parent website,, in 2004. On our main and sister sites today, you will find a large assortment of quality retail goods ranging from outdoor kitchen appliances and patio furniture to kitchen cookware and indoor fireplaces. Showroom In 2012, we have gone back to our brick-and-mortar roots, opening up a retail store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Our showroom features an impressive three quarter acre display, showcasing high-quality patio furniture, a full line of kitchen cookware, and more than twenty fully functional outdoor kitchens.

From the beginning, our emphasis has been on two things: customer service and product knowledge. We think that this is the way to satisfy our customers long term and not simply make a quick buck. Customer service and product knowledge
are important to you, and that is what makes them important to us.

In this spirit, we are constantly trying to serve our customer better. There have been many ways that we have tried to improve customer experience, always remaining loyal to customer service and product knowledge. One of the most innovative and noticeable ways we have attempted to educate our customers is through online video. Our company chef, Tony Matassa, walks our customers through our products via our video channel, and he routinely showcases grill demonstrations, grilling techniques, and recipe.

Additionally, our employees are put through rigorous training seminars to help them further their own education, which is then passed on to the customer through an incredibly competent and professional customer service experience. In fact, a major reason for opening our Baton Rouge storefront location is as an excellent training ground for our team. Each and every team member has the opportunity to work in our store, gaining experience with both our products and our customers - an advantage that other online retailers are rarely able to match.

Since our first day in business, our owners and managers have worked side-by-side in every facet of the company, from stocking the warehouse to answering the phones. We strongly believe that in order to understand the whole scope of our business, every employee, from the top down, should be truly involved in the process

We are constantly working to make your shopping experience with us as easy and enjoyable as it can be. We sincerely thank you for taking the time to get to know us, and for choosing

Accolades / Articles:
2005 - Internet Retailer magazine listed in the top 400 of all websites, and we were ranked as the 7th fastest growing ecommerce site in the United States.
2009 - Inc. listed in the Top 100 Industry Rank appearing in Inc. 5000.
2009 - and Google TV Ads partner up to promote ad service.
2010 - Google Inc. Showcases in Economic Impact Report in Washington, DC.
2012 - was awarded 2012 Baton Rouge Company Of The Year
(companies under 100 employees)

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