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Zeiss Victory FL Binoculars
The Carl Zeiss Victory T FL Binoculars are considered the best Zeiss binoculars. The Victory T* FL binoculars in sizes 8x32 and 10x42mm are compact to mid size binoculars which are great for stalking and long excursions. The Carl Zeiss Victory binoculars in 8x56 FL and 10x56mm FL are great for hunting. The Zeiss Victory T FL binoculars in 7x42, 8x42, and 10x42mm are perfect for bird watching. With so many features packed into one binocular, the Carl Zeiss Victory FL binoculars the best binoculars for hunting, fishing, birding, hiking and more.
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Zeiss Conquest Binoculars
The Carl Zeiss Conquest binoculars are the best all-purpose binoculars that produce stunning bright, crisp images. The Conquest 8x30 T* and 10x30mm T Carl Zeiss binoculars are used mostly for mountain hunting but still all-purpose Conquest binoculars. The Zeiss Conquest binoculars in sizes 8x40mm, 8x50, 8x56, 10x40, 10x50, and 10x56mm T* are great for hunting, fishing, and birding while the large 12x45mm and 15x45 T* Carl Zeiss Conquest binoculars are perfect for long distance hunting and shooting.
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Zeiss Compact Binoculars
The Carl Zeiss Compact Binoculars consist of the Conquest Compact binoculars and Victory Compact binoculars. Whether you choose the Compact Victory binoculars or Compact Conquest binoculars, they both offer 8x20 and 10x25mm magnifications. The Carl Zeiss Compact binoculars are best for hunting, birding, traveling and all-around use. Hunters prefer the Zeiss Compact 10x25 binoculars for daytime hunting while the Zeiss Compact 8x20mm binoculars are used mostly as all-purpose Carl Zeiss binoculars.
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Zeiss Victory RF Binoculars
The Carl Zeiss Victory RF rangefinder binoculars are the most sophisticated rangefinding binoculars today. The Zeiss Victory RF binoculars come in sizes 8x56, 8x45, 10x45 and 10x56mm. The Victory RF 10x45 binoculars are the most popular and was given the "Best Binoculars of 2010" award by Gray's Sporting Journal. No matter what size you choose, the Victory RF binoculars will allow you to hit your target dead on.