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  • Carcinogen Free Cooking
  • 5 Temperature Settings
  • Precision Controlled Heat
  • Easy Clean Up
  • Hand-crafted near Milan, Italy
25 7/8 inches
3 3/8 inches
14 9/16 inches
14 pounds

Full Description

La Scappi Outdoor Tabletop Electric Grill: This unique outdoor electric grill features a ribbon-style radiant heating element with eight passes for precision controlled heat and has an output rating of 1500 Watts (12. 75 Amps). Cooking less than 2 inches from the heating elements maintains a consistent temperature, regardless of the weather conditions. Using the front mounted dial provides an incredible temperature range from 210 degrees to 700 degrees. With precision controlled cooking using the eight pass radiant heating element, La Scappi can be used for cooking, boiling water or just keeping food warm along the outer edge of the cooking surface. Prepare healthy gourmet meals any time of the day, anywhere the day takes you. At only 14 lbs and using only standard 120V outlets, the La Scappi grill is perfect no matter where you take it: from RVs and campsites to boats, condo balconies, backyard kitchens and much more!

New Frontier in Outdoor Grilling

La Scappi is the namesake of famed Renaissance chef and cookbook author Bartolomeo Scappi. Known for his innovative methods, techniques and recipes, Scappi revolutionized Italian cooking, blazing a trail for the modern Italian culinary style that is known and loved around the world today.


Distinctive Italian Design

Fulgor’s unique La Scappi Electric Outdoor Grill was sculpted to stand out from other outdoor grills.
Ergonomic carrying handles, breakthrough ceramic glass technology, and a removable drip tray make this the ultimate grill for the road, water, or patio.
All La Scappi grills are hand-crafted near Milan, Italy. High fashion & luxury automobiles help influence our design.


Eight pass radiant heating element:

120v - 1500 Watts - 12.75 Amps
Five temperature setting:

210 F - 285 F - 375 F - 500 F - 700


La Scappi can be used for cooking, warming or simply boiling water.
Cook anything from vegetables & desserts to pizzas & steaks.

Multiple Uses:


Condo Balcony


Backyard Kitchens


High Heat

By searing at high heat, La Scappi locks in moisture and keeps meats and seafood healthy, and vegetables al denté.
Carcinogen Free Using electric technology to power La Scappi means there are no residual carcinogens typically created when cooking with charcoal or gas.
Consistency Cooking with consistent temperatures helps ensure that food is cooked thoroughly and evenly all the way through. Unlike charcoal and gas grills that can flare up, or lose temperature due to weather, La Scappi ensures perfectly even heat distribution.

No Hassle Clean Up


A removable slide out drip tray makes clean up a breeze. Simply use the included scraper tool to push any remaining grease or oil into the tray, which can be taken away and rinsed for clean up on the go.


Sprinkle the heated glass surface with water and allow steam to break up any remaining cooking particles. Once loose, simply use a wet paper towel for final cleanup. La Scappi can use any mild detergent without bleach for a more thorough cleaning.


Exterior Material 304 Stainless Steel
Quick Ship Yes

Overall Dimensions

Height 3 3/8 Inches
Width 25 7/8 Inches
Depth 14 9/16 Inches
Weight 14 Pounds

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