The Skinny:
Arguably the best-looking kamado around; good hinge system; dual-disc vent system means precise temperature control; versatile cooking with the flexible cooking rack and split heat deflector; great warranty.

Things To Love:
Kamado Joe is all about the spirit of innovation and passion for cooking outdoors, and it shows in their products. Their reputation allows customers to shop with peace of mind, knowing that the company is here to listen. For example, shortly after the Classic was introduced, customers asked the company to build one with a larger cooking surface. They listened, and the BigJoe was born. Customers asked for more versatile cooking, so they invented the "Divide and Conquer" flexible cooking rack and split deflector plate, allowing for simultaneous direct and indirect cooking, and smoking at three different levels. Kamado Joe strives for value and a reasonable price point but doesn't cut corners on quality. Their grills are visually striking, from the eye catching logo on the top vent down to the stainless steel bottom vent. The red color looks sharp, and you can choose either black or stainless steel bands, which is a nice accent. Kamado Joe's cart also has a great design and the powder-coated cast iron holds the grill securely.

All of the uncoated metal parts on the grill are made with 304 stainless steel, and most of the other metal parts are powder-coated cast iron. The hinge assembly is well-made, and we found the Kamado Joe to have one of the easiest-lifting lids among kamado brands.

Kamado Joe grills have two half stainless steel cooking grids that allow for cooking on different levels. We also like the top vent, which has a dial control, giving you finer control over the air flow. (Just like other kamados, you can also pivot the entire top vent to let the air flow wide open.) Another nice extra that Kamado Joe has is an included ash tool and cooking grate gripper. Most brands don’t include these accessories and the ash tool really makes cleanup a whole lot easier. One nice addition to the BigJoe series is the included firebox separator which allows you to cook on only half of the grill for smaller meals.