The Skinny:
Fastest growing name in kamado industry; "Divide and Conquer" cooking system for incredible versatility; air-lift hinge for easy opening and closing of the lid; included accessories with every grill purchase; good hinge system; great warranty.

Things To Love:
Kamado Joe is all about the spirit of innovation and passion for cooking outdoors, and it shows in their products. Kamado Joe strives for value and a reasonable price point but doesn't cut corners on quality. Their grills are visually striking, from the red color, the eye catching logo on the top vent, down to the stainless steel bottom vent. Kamado Joe grill feature a black steel band, and the freestanding models include a sturdy steel cradle and plastic side shelves thsat will stand up to the elements for years to come.

Kamado Joe grills are known for their "Divide and Conquer" cooking system which features split stainless steel cooking grids on a rack that allow for cooking different food at different levels, all at the same time! With this system, you can actually purchase extra cooking grids and a grill extender to give you up to three levels of cooking space! Another nice extra that Kamado Joe has is a set of included accessories with each grill, consisting of an ash tool, cooking grate gripper, and heat deflectors. Most brands don’t include these accessories and the ash tool and patented pull out ash drawer really make cleanup a lot easier. Ceramic heat deflectors are a must with any kamado grill and I like that they're included with every Kamado Joe grill, whereas they're an extra charge with most other brands. One nice addition to the BigJoe series is the included firebox separator which allows for increased versatility when piling your charcoal on one side of the grill only.

One of my favorite features is the air-lift hinge, which come on the Classic and BigJoe models. Kamado grills are notorious for having heavy lids, that can take some muscle to open and close. Heavy lids can also cause your ceramics to break by accidentally slamming the lid shut. Kamado Joe's air-lift hinge reduces the weight of the lid by 96%, making opening and closing your lid a breeze.

There are also many available optional accessories that increase the versatility of Kamado Joe’s grills. The chicken stand, grill expander, and pizza stone, are a few of the most popular. If you really want to get the most out of your Kamado Joe, you can’t go wrong with the Joetisserie . This rotisserie, allows you to roast a wide variety of meats while naturally basting them in their own juices.

Thing To Consider:
Kamado Joe’s bestselling size, the Classic, features a cooking grid that is only 18” in diameter, and without buying any extra cooking racks, this may cause you to have to cook in batches vs all at the same time when cooking for larger groups of people. It might also present a challenge when trying to cook oversized cuts of meat, such as a 14-15 pound brisket. These concerns are not really an issue with the BigJoe!

You'll Like This Grill If:
You want a high quality kamado style grill with more cooking versatility and easier clean up than any other round kamado on the market!