Blue Sea 2201 Black Terminal Feed Through Connector

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Blue Sea 2201 Black Terminal Feed Through Connector
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Blue Sea 2201 Black Terminal Feed Through Connector: Terminal Feed Through Connectors Part: and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp;2201 and nbsp; Feed Through Terminals are perfect for passing high current cables through hulls, decks and bulkheads. Large cables passed through holes are subject to chafing even when protective grommeting is used. Terminal Feed Through Connectors eliminate chafing and provide excellent strain relief for the cable. The large size terminals have a mounting face that can be gasketed or bedded to provide a water tight installation. Table border - 0 width - 100 percent width - 33 percent Class - linetext tr td u Specifications /u /td td width - 67 percent /td /tr tr td Base Material Thermoplastic /td /tr tr td Stud Material Tin-Plated Brass /td /tr tr td /td /tr tr td /td /tr tr td Size Small /td /tr tr td Description 5/16 and quot; - 18 Stud /td /tr tr td Continuous Amperage 250A /td /tr tr td Color Black /td /tr tr td Weight Lb. 23

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Blue Sea 2201 Black Terminal Feed Through Connector

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