The Classic

The Classic Griller

You see him every weekend. Wife relaxing on the patio on her favorite chaise lounge on her much deserved day off from cooking and the kids giggling as they run through the sprinklers. And him? He is manning the grill. Maybe its an old fashioned kettle-style charcoal grill or a fancy new stainless steel gas grill. Whatever he is using, HE never changes. He is America personified. Father. Husband. Griller extraordinaire. Whether he is cooking up some hot dogs and hamburgers for an easy family BBQ or a special dinner of lobster and shrimp skewers for a romantic evening with his wife, The Classic griller is proudly using the skills passed down through the generations from father to son. And he cannot wait to do the same for his children.

The Classic Griller's Favorites:

The Competitor

The Competitive Griller

You know him when you see him; all his sauces and rubs lined up and ready to use, wearing his grilling apron and lighted cap. He has spent a good part of his life researching and learning the best ways to create barbecue dishes that will win over the hearts and taste buds of anyone who tastes them. Ask him what his perfect day is and you will get one answer: BBQ Cookoff. And The Competitor is sure to find them; traveling sometimes hundreds of miles to compete in BBQ competitions throughout America and win the coveted title of "World's Best". But don't let his quest fool you, The Competitor has a far higher create the most delicious barbecue dish you have ever tasted in your life.

The Competitive Griller's Favorites:

The Innovator

The Innovative Griller

Whoever said there are proper procedures when grilling has never met The Innovator. If I were to take a guess, I'm going to say this was the kid that was not afraid to color outside the lines. And you can see it in the way he uses his grill. From delicious grilled fruits and pizzas and even breakfast foods like pancakes, this is the type of griller people tell their friends about. Never afraid to toss anything on the BBQ, The Innovator takes pride in his creations and is always asking people to come over for a weekend sampling from the grill. The Innovator also isn't afraid to try a new style of grill, such as the EVO Flattop Grills, which allow for even more versatility. And if there is one thing The Innovator's versatility.

The Innovative Griller's Favorites:

The Loyalist

The Loyalist Griller

It's what his father cooked on and what his father's father cooked on. That's all he needs to know and that is the ONLY explanation you will ever get. Whether his loyalties lie with classic charcoal grills, gas grills or even electric grill models, chances are you will not even get The Loyalist to consider cooking on anything else. This is the guy. The, 'Charcoal just gives it that extra flavor.' guy. He's not worried about which grill is easier to clean or what kind of options it offers. The loyalist has only two concerns; staying true to his roots and flavor. Don't turn away from his BBQ offer just yet. If invited over for a cookout you can expect near perfection from The Loyalist – a man who has become a master of his BBQ.

The Loyalist Griller's Favorites:

The Professional

The Professional Griller

When it comes to grillers, it is hard to match the precision and skill of The Professional. Much like our very own Chef Tony, The Professional griller is just that, a man who has mastered the art of BBQ and can cook on any grill, any time and anywhere. If invited to a BBQ at their home, you can expect some of the most delicious food you have ever put in your mouth. And The Professional doesn't just stop at the main course. This man can grill just about anything. More than likely The Professional has had some kind of training, whether it was attending culinary school or working in a restaurant for many years. And this fact is nothing but beneficial to you.

The Professional Griller's Favorites:

The BBQ cookout has been a staple of American for many years. And the griller, whether they are new to the art or a seasoned veteran, has helped keep this tradition alive. No matter what kind of griller you are, take pride in your BBQ skills and make every cookout a reason to invite family and friends over for some great conversation and delicious food.

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