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Best Portable Air Conditioners

Our recommended portable air conditioners represent the upper echelon of portable air conditioners and are reasonably priced. We've rated these Top 10 portable air conditioners based on performance, appearance, durability and overall versatility. When you purchase one of these quality portable AC units, you're saving money and energy while investing in a lasting solution to a cooler living area in hot weather.

Researched as the best all around portable air conditioner! This unit is compact to take up minimal space in any environment. New AutoDrain Technology removes excess fluid build up and eliminates the need to drain the unit, allowing for continuous use of the unit. A remote control adds to the luxury of this unit, reducing the hassle of operation.

This Eco-Friendly portable air conditioner contributes to the environment while costing you less while you keep cool. Eco-Friendly CFC free green R-410A refrigerant and lead free RoHS compliant components improves air quality all over. This unit features self-evaporating technology, which uses and recycles moisture collected during the cooling and heating process to produce cool air. The dual hose operation provides fast cooling, adding to your comfort.

This handy unit is extremely mobile and can be placed in almost any indoor location. The Whynter ARC-12S portable AC boasts the ability to cool up to 400 sq. ft. An Eco-friendly design means you contribute to the environment while you live in comfort!

Two hoses increase airflow and add air comfort to any room. The Sharp CVPD13PX portable air conditioner features a plasmacluster ion generator which will release positive ions into the air. This library quiet unit utilizes dual hose technology to measure up to normal AC units without the costly energy bill.

UV light technology reduces germs and bacteria in the air as this unit cools. This portable air conditioner is an ideal mesh of air quality control and air cooling in one, affordable unit. This unit also offers a heating option, making it an even more versatile buy.

Sunpentown Air Conditioner
Cooling and dehumidifying come together to form the perfect blend of features for this portable AC. With self evaporating technology and a remote, maintenance and operation is even easier, freeing up time to do other things.

No venting required! This personal portable air conditioner is a great idea for a gift or to help cool an area of the house that may not have proper cooling. This personal air conditioner protects against overflowing with a "bucket full" indicator and an auto-shutoff function, making maintenance easy and quick.

This portable air conditioner boasts two in one technology. This unit is capable of cooling or heating an area of your home, making it an ideal gift idea. Evaporative technology increases the efficiency of this unit and the need to drain condensate is greatly reduced.

More efficient cooling is made possible by the dual motors of this portable AC. Enjoy an attractive multi-color display and 3-in-1 technology.

Complete with remote, this portable air conditioner makes cooling your living area easy and hassle-free. Adjust the temperature from your chair and relax while you beat the heat.