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Why Buy Tecnogas Superiore?

Chef Tony Matassa
By - Corporate Chef, LLC
Tecnogas Superiore delivers a first-class line of products distinctive from its competitors. Tecnogas was born over 60 years ago in Italy and they continue to produce quality, handcrafted appliances with an unmistakable Italian flair.

Each product is a captivating blend of functionality and elegance. Tecnogas’ appliances highlight professional style features, high-quality materials and an attention to even the smallest of details.


With a wide array of colors and polished accents on cast metal knobs and handles, Tecnogas Superiore DECO Range models are sure to liven any kitchen setting.


  • Tecnogas Superiore ranges contain powerful burners, designed with energy efficiency in mind. Two 18,000 btu power burners, one 11,000 BTU large burner, two 6,500 BTU medium burners and one 3,600 BTU small burner provides an easy setting for preparing a wide array of foods.

  • Tecnogas’ inclined burner ports, positioned toward the bottom of the pot, help preserve heat and energy.

  • The 18,000 BTU power burner offers powerful heat levels perfect for quickly boiling water. In addition, the burner can also provide a gentle simmering setting at 750 btu.

  • The oven’s two convection fans guarantees even cooking and maintains optimal moisture of food.


  • Tecnogas appliances are crafted with superb attention to detail, displaying the creative expression of its Italian designers. Tecnogas Superiore designers strive to make ‘a big impact with small details.

  • The panorama “wide screen” window provides a constant monitoring throughout the cooking process.

  • Tecnogas Superiore’s soft-motion mechanism surrounds the door with excellent cushioning, allowing easy opening and closing.

  • All hinges are integrated with a CLS (Child Lock Safety) system.

  • Over the years Tecnogas Superiore’s appliances have evolved, but the dedication to creating the ultimate cooking experience has remained constant. With advanced technology and superb attention to detail, Tecnogas will continue to be a major player in the indoor cooking world in the future.