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Indoor Rated Refrigerators

For some people, the initial cost of the refrigerator is the only concern they have. For this reason, even though they are not rated for it, indoor rated refrigerators are often used in outdoor settings. While the low cost is enticing, several other factors need to be considered. Using these refrigerators outside will, in almost every case, void any warranty from the manufacturer. Due to the low cost of replacement, this is often not an issue for customers. Being that these refrigerators are not intended for outdoor use, they likely will not last as long outdoors as an outdoor rated unit. Many customers do report getting years of outdoor use from them though. It is important that if you choose to place one of these outside, that it is under some sort of cover to help protect it from weather. More important, is how it will perform outside. These inexpensive units most often use static cooling systems and are not well insulated, leading to poor cooling performance in hot conditions. They do not cool consistently low enough to be food safe, and should only be considered if your only need is to keep cold drinks nearby.

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