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Indoor Rated Refrigerators from Grill Companies

These refrigerators have all of the same concerns as the previously discussed indoor rated refrigerators, however, they have some distinct advantages that are worth noting. They are functionally similar and also are not rated for outdoor use, but being from a grill manufacturer, it is assumed that they will be used outdoors and as such, are covered by a warranty. The warranty period is typically not as long as what you get with an outdoor rated refrigerator, but does offer some protection. Being mechanically the same as the indoor models, they do not cool as well as outdoor rated models. Another advantage with these models is that they offer a consistent look to complete your outdoor kitchen. By using one of these, you can have your refrigerator match the look of your grill, side burners, and storage rather than a mix and match look. Because of the warranty coverage and upgraded aesthetics, these models have a higher but still relatively affordable price point.

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