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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that are commonly asked by our customers. If you can't find your answer, feel free to call us at 877-743-2269 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does my statement say when I bought from,, or, LLC® owns several different sites that are considered Stores. Sites like,, and are all designed to make it easier for you to browse for the types of items showcased on them, but they are all part of the same family of stores. does bring all of the items under one site, but our individual sites let us focus on the content and products that are most relevant to each specific customer. That is why we have the different sites available. You can even switch between sites and all of the items you select stay in your cart for one quick and easy checkout.

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How can I get my order confirmation email re-sent?

If you did not get a confirmation email, please check your spam folder (in Gmail, please check your “Promotions” tab as well). If you can’t find it in your spam folder, you can always access a copy of your order online with our Order Status tool. If you signed up for an account with us, you can always find your order history in the My Account section of the website (plus, you get to take part in the free MyRewards program and other cool features, so you'll want to sign up). If you would prefer an email, please contact us at to request that your invoice be re-sent to you.

Please note if you purchased through Amazon, Amazon's policies will keep your email address private. If you used Amazon Payments, you may not be able to access your order. If this occurs, simply email us at so we can send you a link to your order directly.

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How can I modify my order?

The best way to make changes to an order after it is placed is to call us as soon as you can at 877-743-2269. We want to process orders quickly so you can receive your order as fast as possible. Our warehouse could begin routing, boxing, and shipping your order within 5-10 minutes of your order being placed. Contacting us via phone right away will ensure we can modify your order before it has been shipped. If you do not reach us, please email us at or leave a voice mail so that we can return your call as soon as possible.

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Why does my order show “Cancelled”?

An order will be put into canceled status if there is any problem with your payment. The payment status will also reflect this information. If your order was completed correctly, the order page will notify you that your order was a success and you will get an email confirmation of the order, along with confirmation of payment for the order.

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How long does it take to get a plan drawn and what do you need to get started?

Drawings and sketches are a great service that we are happy to offer. We've put together some resources for Outdoor Kitchen Planning, to help you get started planning your dream outdoor space. If you would like for us to help you with your plans, here's what you should expect:

When you call to speak to one of our Outdoor Kitchen Experts, we will ask for some detailed information to make sure we model your space as closely as we can and sketch a functional outdoor area that will best match your needs. We will then invest in creating the drawing as accurately as possible, before sending it back to you. We want you to immediately fall in love with your space before it is even built, so the more specifics you have ready when you call will only help us to make your drawing better. Once we have all of the information from you, it takes us about 5 business days to finalize the drawing. So, what are the specifics that you can provide to us?

Here is a list of what we will ask for to get started (and remember, please call us if you need guidance at any point. We are happy to help!)

  • A list of products or features you are interested in, and the brand name, if possible. If you aren't sure about the items that are available to you, try using our Outdoor Kitchen Assistant Tool to find items that may work well in your outdoor space.
    • We know shopping for outdoor kitchens can be an overwhelming and intimidating process, so please feel free to call us for suggestions and advice. With over 15 years of hands-on product experience and knowledge, we can offer honest opinions and sound advice so you can get the most out of your outdoor area. We can even remind you of items you may not consider but could need, such as outdoor patio furniture, patio heating, and patio cooling. Be sure to review our article on 7 Ways to make your Outdoor Kitchen Stand Out and also 8 Biggest Outdoor Kitchen Mistakes to Avoid to help you get started.
    • If you've used our resources and shopped our website to choose the products you wish to order, then you probably know exactly what you want and have added your items to the cart. Give us a call and we can access that information using the Order Reference Number in the upper left corner of the cart page.
  • Dimensions and Space Restrictions
    • We know you will have certain space restrictions and will be Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen Zones based on product size and dimensions. Providing us with the specific measurements will give us a blank canvas to work with, to ensure that the features and products will fit in the space, while still providing the function and style you want. While you're coming up with outdoor kitchen ideas, try to think of the kitchen as an extension of your home. Why not have the functionality and comfort of your indoor kitchen? Our Outdoor Kitchen Experts will help you do that!
  • Details about Construction Materials
    • Will you be using a contractor? Is this a do-it-yourself project? Do you have a specific look in mind? Any samples or photographs you can share with us? We'd love to know how you envision the finished product and how it will be constructed so that we protect your investment with items you may not know about, such as insulated jackets for grills and island venting. The construction details will help us draw the island facade and countertops in your drawing.
  • A Quick Sketch and Ideas
    • Simply jot down your design. We are the experts. We will work with you based on your drawing to deliver the final concept. Graph paper is a great way to begin, however, we'll accept any drawings, even hand-drawn on a cocktail napkin after a night on the town, then scanned or snapshot from your phone. The more detail you include, the better we can deliver your dream concept. It only takes 3 steps to start to Build Your Outdoor Kitchen
  • What does your outdoor space look like?
    • Simply snap a quick picture on your phone or camera and email it over. We will use this image to set up the environment elements for the drawing and to make sure we are accounting for every detail.
    • Keep that picture too! You are going to want to have before and after pictures to show all your friends and family on social media. You can even send in your after picture to us so that we can feature it in our Online Outdoor Kitchen Galleries.
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What information do I use to locate my order status?

You can go to the Order Status option on our site. You will need your order number as well as the zip code and the last name used for the billing information. Your order number was provided at the time you completed your order and is also listed on the confirmation email you received.

Please note if you purchased through Amazon, Amazon's policies will keep your email address private. If you used Amazon Payments, you may not be able to access your order. If this occurs, simply email us at so we can send you a link to your order directly.

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Where can I find someone to service my products?

We are a retailer that sells a variety of great products, and a pretty impressive number of items, so it will depend on a few things. Overall, many products we carry have very good warranties and the manufacturers have various networks of authorized repair technicians. If you have a problem with an item that you purchased from us, give us a call at 877-743-2269 or email us at and we will be happy to help.

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Where can I obtain a rebate form?

If we list that there is a rebate on our site, the rebate forms are usually available through a link on the item page where you selected the item. The link in your email confirmation will bring you back to that page. If there is not a link to a rebate form, it is usually because the rebate requires specific information or conditions to be met. In those cases, we will usually email the form directly to you, if your order is eligible, or you can email us at so that we can confirm your rebate form and status.

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Where can I see my rewards points?

If you have a myRewards account, you can view your points balance on the main page after logging in under My Account. As long as you are logged in to your account, you will see your available points in checkout and have the option to use them. You must have an account set up with us and be logged in to get points for purchases. If you are not logged in and complete an order, send us an email and we can apply your order to your myRewards account in approximately 2 business days.

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Where are your brick & mortar locations?

At this time, we have one retail store location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We are proud to bring our great products to you in person, but if you happen to live outside of our local area, we offer all of our products on our website as well. If you aren't sure about visiting us, you can take a virtual tour at your convenience and see what sets us apart.

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Where can I order parts for my products?

We carry an assortment of parts, but if you can't find what you are looking for, here are some suggestions:

  • If you purchased from us originally, simply call us and we can usually order manufacturer parts for you if it is out of warranty. If it is under warranty, we can order the part for you, or provide you with manufacturer contact information, along with details on your order and parts that you will need to order directly from them.
  • If you did not purchase the original item with us, we do offer a wide range of aftermarket grill parts to locate the part you need. For other types of items, it is usually best to contact the manufacturer. Feel free to email us or call us for any assistance so that we can help guide you on finding parts or replacing your product.
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How does the freight delivery for large items work?

Standard freight shipping includes free curbside delivery and lift gate service. This complimentary service is designed to expedite the process of unloading your package. After placing your order, the freight company will transport your order to their shipping terminal. Once there, the shipping company will contact you to schedule a time to drop off your delivery. The driver will take your delivery off the truck for you, but it is your responsibility to bring it onto your property. You are required to sign for and inspect the product upon arrival. It is extremely important for you to provide your main contact phone number at the time of checkout so the shipping company can contact you. For more information go to our Freight Help page, watch the video, and print out your very own copy of our handy-dandy Shipping Checklist.

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How do I apply for a job at

You can browse our list of available positions here and apply online!

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