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The Parts of a Knife

To understand how quality cutlery is made, it's important to know the parts of a knife and how each part plays a role in the performance of the knife. Watch my video to learn the different parts of a knife. Then, take a look at my guide to learn more.

The Common Parts of a Knife

  • Consists of the spine, point, and edge
  • The spine is the top of the blade, which is also called the non-cutting side
  • The edge of the blade is the sharp cutting side and runs from the point of the knife (tip) to the heel
  • Common edge options include smooth, serrated, scalloped, and hollow ground
  • Located at the top of the handle where it meets the spine
  • Balances the knife and also helps keep your fingers from slipping while you work
  • Only found on forged knives, which are made from a single piece of steel
  • Begins after the bolster, and is covered by the handle
  • Can either be half or full, half meaning that the blade does not extend all the way through the handle
  • Full tang extends all the way through the handle and is preferable for quality cutlery
  • Constructed in a variety of materials
  • A good handle should be comfortable and easily fit in the hand
  • Quality cutlery often has wood handles that have been treated with plastic resin
  • Plastic resin avoids sanitation issues associated with wood

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