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Refrigerator Features

Refrigerators are available with a wide variety of features that add to the convenience of any indoor or outdoor kitchen. It is important to remember, however, that the more features the model you want has available, the more costly it is going to be. Some of the common features available on modern refrigerators can include:
    • Water & Ice Dispenser
      • The most requested feature for refrigerators
      • Common on most side-by-side refrigerators and some French door models
      • Provide a steady flow and ice and cold water whenever you need it

    • Beer Tap
      • Great feature for outdoor kitchens and game rooms
      • Many compact refrigerators and kegerators are large enough for a standard keg
      • Able keep your favorite beer on tap and ready for your next party

    • Glass Doors
      • Make it easy to see what food you have on hand
      • No having to open the door and waste energy

    • Built-In Ice Makers
      • Built-in ice makers in the freezer compartment provide constant ice
      • Door mounted ice makers save more room in your freezer compartment
      • Door mounted units are usually found on side-by-side models

    • Door Alarms
      • Alerts you when the refrigerator or freezer door has been left open
      • You can save energy and prevent your food from spoiling

    • Fully Extendible Drawers/Shelves
      • Extra sturdy, allowing them to be fully extended - even with weight on them
      • Make it easy to reach food and beverages without having to bury yourself in the refrigerator

    • Water Filters
      • A built-in water filtration system provides clean, fresh water at the touch of a button

    • Independent Controls
      • Some refrigerators offer independent temperature controls for the freezer and refrigerator
      • Others offer independent controls for individual drawers or compartments
      • These controls usually effect temperature and/or humidity in the area

    • Digital Temperature Controls
      • Allows you to make accurate and quick temperature changes

    • Built-In Beverage Holders
      • Help keep bottle and cans organized and within easy reach
      • Some models have dedicated wine racks for your wine collection

    • Door Locks
      • A great feature, especially for outdoor refrigerators
      • Door locks prevent unwanted access to your refrigerator