Oriental Weavers Outdoor Rug

Rugs have the ability to add comfort to any outdoor setting, whether it's a patio seating group or screened-in porch dining area. For example, the size and shape of a rug can help define sitting, dining or accent areas of a space by accentuating particular groupings of patio furniture.


Number of Rugs

Depending on the size of your outdoor space, you must decide how many rugs you want, which will influence the size of each. Do you want one large central rug to tie the space together or do want to use multiple rugs to draw the eyes from one area to another?

Patio Furniture Position

Furniture can be positioned either directly on the rug or around it depending on the size of the patio or the aesthetics you want to achieve. You may want a rug large enough to accommodate all of your outdoor furniture, or simply one that allows for the front legs of your furniture grouping to rest upon it.


Choose a rug large enough to allow for a symmetrical border of exposed decking or patio material on all four sides or, in smaller areas, a size that will provide equal borders top and bottom, and side to side.