Umbrella & Umbrella Base Sizes

Small Umbrellas

6ft Umbrellas

6 ft - 6.5 ft Umbrellas

  • What's the best umbrella size for a bistro set?
    A small, 6 - 6.5 foot umbrella is perfect for tables with diameters of 30 inches or less. They require a 35 pound umbrella base, and will provide up to 44 square feet of shade.

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Fire Pit Dining Set

7 ft - 8.5 ft Umbrellas

  • How big of an umbrella is needed for an outdoor dining set?
    A four person dining set, or tables up to 48 inches in diameter will require at least a 7 foot umbrella with a 40 to 60 pound umbrella base. Shade coverage will be somewhere between 38 and 56 square feet.

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Medium Umbrellas

Sectional Set

9 ft Umbrellas

  • How much shade does a 9 foot umbrella provide?
    A 9 foot umbrella can provide up to 63 square feet of shade, and works great for moderately sized dining sets or outdoor conversation sets. This size umbrella requires a 65 to 75 pound base.

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Seating Set

10 ft Umbrellas

  • What's the best umbrella size for a six person dining set?
    a 10 foot umbrella will provide up to 78 square feet of shade, and is ideal for tables up to 62 inches in diameter. A 10 foot umbrella requires a base between 65 and 75 pounds.

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Large Umbrellas

Chaise Lounge Set

11 ft Umbrellas

  • What's the best umbrella size for a large outdoor dining set?
    Umbrellas 11 feet and up are great for eight person dining sets and larger seating sets. They provide around 95 square feet of shade and will require a base that's at least 75 pounds.

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