Crescent Ice Crescent Ice - This ice cube shape is typical of many home refrigerator ice makers. It is a common, easy shape for an ice maker to produce. Crescent ice cubes are long with a flat top and round, or "crescent" bottom.

Popular Brands: Summit, Whynter

Bullet Ice Bullet Ice - This style of ice is slightly more fancy. Many restaurants use this style of ice to jazz up the appearance of drinks. Bullet-style ice boasts an indentation in the top and a rounded out bottom.

Popular Brands: Whynter, Orien USA

Cube Ice Cube Ice - Sometimes called clear ice or dice cube ice, cube-style ice is square in shape with no indentations, allowing more ice mass to chill drinks better. This ice is produced more commonly with high-end ice machines, and is often featured as one of the ice type selections. Cube or Dice ice measures between 1-1/8" - 7/8" along each side, depending on the brand of ice maker.

Popular Brands: U-Line, Marvel

Half Cube Ice Half Cube Ice - Sometimes called half dice cube ice, it is square in shape with no indentations and typically half the size of a full cube, allowing more ice to fit into a glass. It is often found in beverage dispensers and bagged ice machines.
Nugget Ice Nugget Ice - Nugget ice is more crude in shape than most ice, though it is convenient to form since it requires no real shape mold. This ice is typically shards off of the blades.

Popular Brands: Scotsman

Crescent Ice (wide) Crescent Ice (wide) - This ice cube shape is becoming more popular with restaurants. The large, flat crescent shape allows more ice mass with a stylish design. Wide crescent ice cubes are long with a flat top and wide, rounded, or "crescent" bottom.
Gourmet Ice Gourmet Ice - Larger than most cubed ice, gourmet ice has a distinct top-hat or thimble shape. This ice is comprised of almost entirely water making the ice nearly crystal clear, and extremely effective at cooling drinks. The unique shape and rapid cooling properties of this ice make it popular among high-end restaurants and bars.