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What is Modular Refrigeration??

U-Line modular refrigeration products allow you to design your kitchen around you, not your refrigerator. This revolutionary approach to food and beverage preservation provides a better alternative to conventional “big-box” refrigerators. U-Line’s advanced refrigeration systems, large and flexible capacities, and seamless integration capabilities allow you to preserve the right product, in the right place, at the right temperature.

Reduces Kitchen Traffic
Decresses Messes
Outside The Kitchen
Incress Accessibility
Reduces Kitchen Traffic
Decreases Messes
Outside the Kitchen
Increase Accessibility
Keep kids from constantly running through the kitchen while you are working with a fridge located on the perimeter of your kitchen set to Beverage mode. Kids can efficiently grab-and-go without continuously disrupting your meal prep.
Decrease messes and increase efficiency by storing your fruit and vegetables in a fridge near your prep sink. Reduce food waste by utilizing the Modular 3000 Series U-Select® pre-programmed Market or Root Cellar Modes to keep your fresh fruit and vegetables fresher longer.
Decrease kitchen traffic for those quenching a glass of wine, crisp cold beer, or crystal clear ice cubes by strategically placing your Wine, Beverage Center, or Clear Ice Machine in a wet bar outside of the kitchen.
Increase your refrigeration accessibility without compromising capacities by placing a fridge near the edge of the kitchen. Easily set the Modular 3000 Series refrigerator to one of the five distinct U-Select® modes, like Deli or Pantry Mode so kids can grab a snack without running through the kitchen.