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Who is

Who is, LLC?, LLC, is the parent company to a community of online stores that cater to everyone with a passion for cooking, grilling and entertaining. We help inspire people to discover great products that will enhance their lifestyle, freeing up time to enjoy the people and activities that matter most.

At, our goal is to give customers a one-stop shopping experience that is helpful, exciting and worry-free. With our large selection of specialty products perfect for your home and lifestyle, we strive to deliver products that help people do what they love with the people they love the most. We always keep in mind the fact that our products takes time and energy to purchase, so we make sure to go the extra mile during your shopping experience from start to finish.


Our Family of Brands, LLC own and operates a variety of web stores that offer a great selection of entertainment and specialty products. Although our reputation is rooted in barbecue and outdoor kitchen products, our niche stores allow us to extend our product line beyond our traditional offerings. Today, we offer everything from outdoor fire pits to kitchen cookware and cutlery.

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Core Values

As anyone who has been to Baton Rouge, Louisiana will attest, we are a small town that exemplifies small town values. We are proud to be a small town that emphasizes doing what's right and helping others in any way we can. No matter where our future as a company leads, we will always maintain the values embraced by our friends and neighbors.

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History, LLC first began as The Grill Store & More in 1998 as a brick-and-mortar store located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Michael and Ladina Hackley, its original owners, poured their hearts and souls into its success and growth, working seven days a week during its first year of operation. Their hard work paid off; in just two years, The Grill Store & More opened a new Baton Rouge location and a franchise in New Orleans.

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Customer Testimonials

Our team is dedicated to helping the customer receive the best possible shopping experience. We take pride in delivering outstanding customer service, offering a large assortment of quality products, and providing a user-friendly website that makes for a pleasant and fulfilling shopping experience.

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Meet Our Team

Here at we have an Open Door policy regarding contact with our staff. Meet Our Team