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Window vs. Portable: Why The Portable Air Conditioner Beats Window Units

The facts are in, and portable air conditioning units outshine window units. See why below. We've compiled a list of pro's and con's to help clarify the facts and fictions surrounding portable ac units and window ac units. Regarding heat, we know anything is a life saver when it comes to quality air conditioning. Shopping for the right AC unit at the right price can be tedious. We've come to shed some light on the question you have asked yourself as you're shopping for the solution to beat the heat around the house. Why should I invest in a portable AC?

What's The Difference?

You may have asked yourself what the difference in cooling could be when choosing a portable AC vs a window AC. Here's the facts: A window unit is bound to the window that you install it in. Not that it cannot be moved, it's just more of a hassle than a portable AC. A portable AC can be plugged into a nearby wall socket, and relocated to other parts of the house to help cool them. (providing the rooms are relatively the same size).

How Much Space Can I Save?

Saving a little space has never been a detriment. While a window air conditioner takes up no floor space, it will occupy the window that it has been placed in, rendering it unable to open or close. A portable air conditioning unit must be placed on the floor, and also occupies a window, but can also be relocated easily to allow access to that window. There is less hassle in moving a portable AC from one venting location to another, then there is moving a window air conditioner. Some smaller living areas may not allow window ac units, making a portable AC the ideal replacement.

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What's The Price Difference?

Portable air conditioners are usually cheaper than standard window units. Product price is not the only consideration though, there is also the monthly price of an electric bill. With a large home AC or a window unit, your bill will be slightly higher. A portable AC will use less power to fuel a single room, saving you a great deal of money if you tend to spend more time in one room than in others.

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What Are The Options Involved?

Window units are not entirely lacking when it comes to options, but the versatility of a portable AC trumps them any day. Portable AC units may feature optional heater settings, special ionizing filters that add to air quality, and UV air filters which are geared towards disinfecting the air that the portable AC circulates. Take a healthier breath with a portable air conditioner.

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On A Cooler Note

Now that the facts are on the table, understanding why a portable air conditioner is a greater benefit to you is a little easier. A portable AC unit can offer many air quality options, energy and cost efficiency and portability. A window AC unit is a little more final, making it harder to relocate if you need to move it, and a little more costly.

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